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About Us

Anything half-baked will succeed for a while but won’t stay the course to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. In the 21st Century, that which you seek for your home and business or personal evolution gets outdated in double-quick time. What you would need are solutions that would endure, be relevant and fetch you the desired results even against the backdrop of constant change. So, you’re obviously looking for people, organizations and service providers that bring to you a hitch-free system of functioning that would stand the test of time, with room for uninterrupted evolution factored in. This is exactly what information technology provider SOLCTECH does for you. As growth, growth and more growth has become the indisputable mantra for success and glory, IT-related services assume more importance than ever. That’s where SOLCTECH comes in. SOLCTECH has tailor-made IT solutions, including those of Digital Marketing, to keep you ahead of competition. At SOLTECH, we have turned the refrain ‘Mind your business’ on its head – we say: Let us mind your business.

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Why choose us?

  • Expertise in all kind of IT & Digital Marketing services
  • Target oriented planning & execution results in enhanced performance
  • Expertise in Lead generation from different sources in digital media ensure more leads
  • Google Analytics report for transparency and Digital Marketing effort tracking
  • Cost effective services save our Clients’ revenue for use in other core business areas
  • Two scrapped software projects developed by other vendors successfully completed by our experts
  • 27+ Websites and 12+ Software already developed
  • 12+ Happy Clients with more than 90% client retention over 5years time
  • 400+ business emails running with 99.95% up time
  • SEO

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