System Support

System Support Services means those activities or services provided to or on behalf of a person or company in the areas of assistance and property maintenance in order to allow a person to live in the least restrictive environment. This service includes supports, or facilitates the smooth and efficient execution of various programs and operations of a computer, utility programs, database management systems, and performance statistics software.


Support, Maintenance and Servicing

Computer, printer etc. maintenance, setup, servicing etc. Maintenance services include both hardware maintenance and support services, and network and software related maintenance and support services. These are preventive and remedial services that physically repair or optimize hardware or software or network including basic installation, contract maintenance and per-incident repair.


Networking Optimization & Maintenance

Whether you need a secured wireless network for your office, a VPN (virtual private network), or secure remote access to your network while you are on the road, we can help. By marrying your networking needs with the best Engineers, we will partner with you to determine your business needs for the coming years, offering tailor-made solutions for your network, or design a completely new one.


Telecommunication Optimization & Maintenance

SOLCTECH Engineering team provides services for complete end to end process when it comes to deploying your telecommunication network, whether you have a new network roll out or when you are expanding your existing network. Our deployment team will ensure that your connections are on air and in budget.


Automated attendance marking

Biometric Attendance setup & maintenance to ensure proper attendance marking through automation. Any organization, either large or small, requires an attendance tracking system for effective maintenance. It is essential for the management to have records of the attendance of each employee to handle discrepancies and variations within the organization.


Safety and Security

CCTV Surveillance setup & maintenance to ensure the safety and security. No premises are completely invulnerable to criminal activity, thus a crucial element that all business should invest in is an effective CCTV system. A network of cameras ensures the commercial safety of the office buildings and the personal safety of the employees, both of which are invaluable to an employer.